Monday, April 25, 2016


Mostly we've enjoyed the flexibility of planning as we go from day-to-day, but sometimes it means making detours and backtracking. We started heading off toward Nebraska, but then realized (again) that the attraction we wanted to go see, the Agate Fossil Site, was also closed until May. So instead we backtracked to Des Moines, Iowa. And went downtown for a walk along the river, did some necessary shopping in the chic East Village.

We have traveled 6711 mi / 10800 km so far.

Ah, wonderful weather at that time.

Nice views of the downtown.

I had never seen an outdoor ice rink sans ice.

Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge in the background.

On the bridge.

A railroad track re-purposed as a pedestrian walkway.

The hipster East Village with a view of the Capital.

The next day we took a spin through the artsy district and visited the historic Governor's mansion.

Went to visit the Western Gateway Park, also known as the "Pappajohn" sculpture park. Many creepy modern pieces in this park. 

This one was interesting.

Crafty anime girl.

Terrace Hill is the home of the current Iowa governor. Their family lives on the third floor, but tours are given of the first two floors. A total of 18,000 square feet. 

(Back of the mansion). Photos weren't allowed inside, but it had some nice wooden archways, stained glass windows, etc. The governor wasn't in that day, but he does have an office on the second floor. 

We also took a detour to see the covered Bridges of Madison County. Inspired by that one movie that I didn't watch...

All of the bridges looked very similar and were sadly covered in graffiti on the inside. They certainly must have painted them for the movie. 

Some of the bridges you could even drive through, but not us. The RV was too chubby to fit through. 

The RV wishing it could see the other side of the bridge.

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  1. Adorable pictures! Glad that you had a brilliant time over there. We got married last year at Malibu wedding venues and now our 1st anniversary in coming. Want to celebrate the day at a nice place and exploring our options.