Sunday, May 1, 2016


Most of the sights we were interested in seeing were on the west coast of Nebraska, so we only stopped briefly before starting to head across the state. It began to rain hard and it was getting very dark, so we ended up deciding to camp in a town called Ogallala by a lake. We were initially excited to be off the road and have a lakefront campsite completely to ourselves. We were wrong. So wrong. It turned out to be the toughest night! The heavy rain started leaking through the passenger side window. So Marc braved the freezing weather and tried to tape it up. That didn't work, so he got on the roof and tried to put a bag to cover the window. It just blew right off. Then I had the terrible idea of trying to put a tarp on the top to divert the water. Marc nearly got blown off the roof trying to secure the tarp and we were both soaked to the bone. We decided to just forget it and go to bed. But our bed was waterlogged from another leak! We went to a hotel that night (for shame). All was patched up easily the next morning--invalidating the need for us to have been running around like crazy in the rain.

We traveled 7570 mi / 12183 km so far.

We stopped at Warren Buffet's house in Omaha! There was a security guy giving us the eye, so we kept moving.

Lots of rolling green pastures.

Offroading to visit the Courthouse and Jailhouse Rocks.

Courthouse Rock.

Jailhouse Rock.

Mud and snow and the RV. We did slip and slide a bit.

We drove on the old Oregon Trail, which had markers along the road. Neither of us died of dysentery, thankfully.

Marc likes to take pics of the RV, haha. (Marc says that there is also Chimney Rock in the background.)

Selfie with Chimney Rock.

Beautiful Scotts Bluff

From the top of the bluffs.

It was cold.


Next stop, South Dakota!

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