Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sulphur, Oklahoma

We left Austin and drove through Dallas, barely stopping for some grocery shopping, and are currently spending our second night in the town of Sulphur, known for its sulfurous springs and the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, named to honor the Chickasaw native Americans who lived and still live in the area. We hiked to see some of the springs, and visited the Chickasaw Cultural Center (recommended, it is very big, the exhibits are of very high quality, and visitors can take part in various activities).

Our campground in the vicinity of Sulphur.

Travertine Nature Center, a starting point of many of the trails.

Trails around Travertine Nature Center.

Antelope Spring—water surges out of the rocks in the backround.

Near Antelope Spring.

Buffalo Spring.

Buffalo Spring.

Bromide Hill, highest point in the park.

Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Cafe at Chickasaw Cultural Center.

We ate their specialty: a Chickasaw taco.

Reconstruction of a typical Chickasaw village.

The staff, who by the way seemed to be mostly comprised of Chickasaw people, were preparing a typical stew and handing out free tastings.

Performing a stomp dance.

Tomorrow morning we will wake up early and drive about 7 hours to Arkansas.

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