Wednesday, March 16, 2016

San Antonio & Austin, Texas

We reached San Antonio and Austin, Texas. The weather is still with us—sunny and perfect temperatures.

Landscape before approaching San Antonio.

Texas freeways are the first American highways I see where the speed limit is as high as 80 MPH.

Alamo Mission in San Antonio.

Spanish Governor's Palace.

San Antonio City Hall.

Cathedral of San Fernando.

We had lunch on the riverwalk district of San Antonio. Notice the water is artificially colored green for the upcoming St Patrick's Day.

Our waitress brought a little cart by our table to make fresh guacamole for us. Yum.

Austin is only a 1h30 drive from San Antonio. We visited Lauren's cousin Kelly who lives in this city.

We forgot to get a photo with Kelly, but here's a pic of her awesome dog, Zoey.

View of Austin's downtown, from South Congress Ave, looking north.

Colorful mural.

And as a bonus, on our way out of town we stopped by Waco, Texas... home of Lauren's current favorite show: Fixer Upper. We stopped by the twin Magnolia silos (Chip and Joanna) and Harp Design (Clint).

The line to get in the store to shop was at least 2 hours long.

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